Designed for strength and efficiency, planned for flexibility ...

Custom Cabinets

Like top European cabinetry, Handorn's broad line of cabinets is engineered to precise metric dimensions, divisible by 32 millimeters. The reason: precision, in fit and architectural line. This modular system ensures perfectly square and true cabinets, and maximum shelf adjustability.

Händorn’s cabinets fulfill almost any need of the commercial, educational or medical industries.

Händorn’s cabinets meet or exceed AWI custom cabinet standards.

Händorn stocks no inventory. All cabinets are fully customizable to meet your needs using high grade 3⁄4 in. material. These cabinets not only look amazing, but they can stand up to the abuse of any commercial application. Each cabinet is cut to be grained matched for a superior finish. The finishes Händorn offers are only limited by your imagination. We offer a variety of doors to choose from. Our cabinet doors can be built with solid wood, MDF or particle board.